Thanks to adoption of modern CNC cutting devices manufactured by
the renowned company of AMADA we are able to offer the cutting of
aluminium, black, stainless and galvanised steel sheets of the
following thicknesses:

- Aluminium 5.00mm

- Stainless Steel 2.5mm

- Black Steel 4.00mm

- Galvanised Steel 4.00mm



Our offer of complex services within the scope of plastic processing
encompasses one of the most popular modelling methods know as
‘sheet bending’.
This method allows for shape changing whilst preserving the material
quality.  Using CNC machines for sheet processing allows for precise
creation of the desired shape.  Also simultaneous preservation of
incredible steel parameters, such as durability, resistance to the
harmful influence of external factors and resistance to mechanical

Our sheet bending services allow you to obtain highest quality
details, and checks bending feasibility at the construction stage
guaranteeing accuracy during steel processing.